Interlake Sporting Association is a non-profit organization that operates a nature preserve and shooting range in Redmond, Washington.  Open to members and their guests. To learn more - check out ISA's history!


Facilities & Activities

Outdoor Firing Ranges:

Pistol (7 - 30 yards)

Rifle (25, 100 & 200 yards)




  • Black Powder
  • Trap Shooting
  • Hunter Education Classes
  • Safety Programs
  • Airgun
  • Clubhouse
  • Picnic Area
  • Upcoming Events

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Q: Why do I need a sponsor to join?
      A: Interlake takes safety very seriously.  Sponsors must vouch for a prospective member's safety on ISA's ranges.  This allows us to confirm that new members have been properly vetted.

    2. Q:  Where can I find a sponsor?
      A:  As an all volunteer organization, Interlake does not have the ability to facilitate the sponsorship process.  Please explore the 2A and shooting sports community in the Seattle area.  We are confident you'll find someone who is a member!

    3. Q:  What are ISA's hours?
      A:  9:00 AM - 8:00 PM OR Dusk (whatever comes first)

    4. Q:  Is ISA open to the general public?
      A:  No, ISA is a private range.  However, ISA does offer limited public events.

    5. Q:  Can I take a tour before joining?
      A:  Sure, please e-mail us with your tour request.  We'll try to organize.  Keep in mind that we are an all volunteer organization and  time is limited.

    6. Q:  Is there a limit on the number of rounds I can have in a magazine?
      A:  No, we have no such limits. 

    7. Q:  How many rounds can I fire in succession?
      Rapid fire is restricted.  As ISA is part of the Redmond community and we're surrounded by multiple housing developments, please be respectful. See our SOP's for additional rules.

    8. Q:  Can I bring guests to the ISA?
      Yes, a Member may bring up to three (3) guests at a time.  A Member may supervise up to two (2) shooters at a time including themselves.   Members are responsible for their guests' behavior.  There is no fee.  See our SOP's for additional rules.

    9. Q:  What calibers are allowed?
      A:  We do not permit 50 BMG, .338 Lapua and several other high energy rifle rounds (along with armor piercing/incendiary rounds).  Please look at the range signage and our SOPs for caliber restrictions.

    Hunter Education

    Basic Hunter Education Classes are periodically held at Interlake.

    Online registration and schedule are located at Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife site.

    All program participants must sign a Hunter Education Waiver before their course.

    For more information about Hunter Education Courses at Interlake Sporting Association, e-mail Carnel.

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