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Interlake Sporting Association has very clear steps to become a member.  All requirements are mandatory for all applicants. Please read carefully.

All applicants are must have an ISA Sponsoring Member (Sponsor) prior to applying.  Do not apply without a Sponsor - FULL STOP.

If you have a Sponsor, you may join by following ALL of these steps.

  1. Apply online via the application below.  Payment of membership dues can be made via debit or credit card online.   
    • You will be asked your Sponsor's name in the application. There are additional requirements placed upon Sponsors before they are eligible to sponsor other persons. These are detailed below.
  2. After applying, you will receive an automated email response with directions for three items:
    • Range Safety Rules Test Course & Exam (2.5 hour online safety/operations class with multiple choice assessment) 
    • Criminal background check (Mandatory - No Exceptions) (You must submit your background screening application and make payment to our third party screening vendor.  It is an applicant responsibility.  You will not be admitted as a Member without ISA receiving a screening report meeting our eligibility requirements (below). 
    • Online Waiver & Release Agreement
  3. ISA will review the results of your background check:
    • If your background check results meet our eligibility requirements, you will be invited to complete the Safe Handling Exam (SHE) at the facility (during the summer) OR you will need to schedule one via email (during the winter).
    • New Applicants must attend a SHE within 60 days of applying, otherwise your application will be declined and dues forfeited.
    • If your background check results do not meet our eligibility requirements (ineligible to own a firearm, criminal history, felonies, theft, dishonesty, violence, abuse, recklessness, pattern of misconduct, repeat offenses), ISA must decline your applicationYour membership dues will be refunded, subject to any costs.   We are obligated to maintain a safe environment. We will take all steps needed to ensure the safety of our members, guests, visitors, and the surrounding neighborhood.  If you have any concerns about what may appear in your screening, contact us before you apply. Matters discreetly handled.
    • ISA will only consider a current background check for membership vetting.  We will not accept background checks from other third parties.
  4. ISA's Range Safety Officers will administer the Safe Handling Exam (SHE) typically once a month. These happen during Work Parties (see event calendar for scheduling). While we would love to be able to offer individual orientations to fit each person's busy schedules, as a volunteer organization we simply cannot. Please  contact us if you have a truly unusual situation. :
    • If you successfully complete the SHE, you will be invited to attend the General Membership meeting (1st Wednesday of every month).
    • If you do not successfully complete the SHE, you will be advised to make arrangements for firearms safety courses at your own discretion.  You will not be invited to the General Membership meeting and must retake the SHE at a later date.
  5. After successfully completing the Safe Handling Exam, new applicants must appear at the General Membership meeting with their Sponsor Please arrive before 7:00 PM, so we can check you in and make sure the assembly is ready to vote on applicants as members (this process generally takes 30 minutes).  The status of your application will not change from "pending" to "approved" until you are approved at this meeting.

If you would like to do archery at ISA, you must first pass the online "Archery Person in Charge" class & take the Practical Exam (administered by ISA's Range Safety Officers) before being allowed to use the ranges designated for archery.

If you do not have a Sponsor, please connect with the local shooting sports community to locate a Sponsor BEFORE applying for membership 

  • DO NOT show up at a Work Party looking for a sponsor!  We have work projects to complete.
  • As an all volunteer nonprofit organization, ISA does not have the capacity to introduce you to a sponsor.  
  • Common sources of sponsors include co-workers, neighbors, employees of gun stores and members of local online firearm forums. A great way to meet us is to come to our public shooting events!  Then our members can get to know you personally and can vouch for your safety, sociability and suitability as a prospective member/applicant.  After all, ISA is a 501(c)(3) social organization.

Sponsoring an Prospective Member (Applicant)

Members, sponsoring an Applicant is a privilege and a responsibility. It must be treated as such. You are personally vouching for that Applicant's safety, integrity and suitability for membership in our organization and are accountable for sponsoring them.  Sponsors and Applicants must meet these requirements respectively:

  1. Sponsors must have been a Member for at least six (6) months prior to sponsoring an Applicant.

  2. Sponsors must attend at least one (1) work party per Applicant they wish to sponsor. This may be waived by the Board of Directors for other volunteering service at ISA.

  3. As a Sponsor you are vouching that this Applicant will be a good member who will be safe and civil at Interlake.  If you just met that person, you can't vouch for their character.  You should be very familiar with this person.  The Applicant must have been a shooting guest of that Sponsor at least one (1) time.  

If you sponsor an unsuitable person whose conduct shows them to be uncivil, unsafe, or unable to comply with ISA Rules and SOPs, you may be held accountable for their misconduct subjecting your own Membership to termination.

If you have any questions about ISA, please contact us!
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