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The History of Interlake Sporting Association

Interlake Sporting Association (ISA) was originally called the Interlake Rod and Gun Club.   It was created to represent the voice of sporting enthusiasts from the areas between Lake Washington and Lake Sammamish.  The organization was active in supporting conservation and the wise use of natural resources through guiding development of legislation, youth education, and promoting good sportsmanship in the field. 

ISA was established on April 3, 1947 and started having monthly meetings in the Rose Room in the Kirkland Civic Center.  On May 2, 1950 they incorporated as a non-profit corporation (501(c)7). 

From 1945 and on, several local hunters and fishermen who were active with the State Game Commission, (in 1947 they would become the first ISA members) would often meet at Crawford Warren's forested property just east of Kirkland to sight in their guns for hunting season, and to conduct shooting competitions.  On May 21, 1951 their petition was approved by the King County Planning Commission to change the zoning of this property to “Forest Recreational (FR)”, and shortly after they were approved to build a club house and trap range.  On August 1, 1951 Dr. Warren sold the property to the ISA and they have been in continuous operation since then.  In 1958 the zoning was changed again as part of the court ordered statewide Comprehensive Land Plan activity and a non-conforming use permit was granted.

The club has been active in the community sponsoring fishing derby’s, noxious weed clean-up in local lakes, protecting waterfowl preserves and hunting areas, and working with legislators to insure that new laws protect our lands for wildlife and recreation.  Currently ISA sponsors educational programs in Trap, Hunter Education Certification, Archery, pistol training, and Muzzle Loading.

As the areas around the ISA grounds have become more urban, its unique terrain has proven to be a major asset.  The 200 yard rifle range is in a ravine surrounded by earth hill-sides on all four sides which improve the safety of the range.  The fields and forested areas at the top of the ravine are used for the archery,  muzzle loading, and trap activities.  In the past, this area has also supported air guns, and youth small bore rifle training.

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"Interlake Sporting Association" is a 501(c)7 non-profit organization located in Redmond, Washington.

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