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Action Pistol (IDPA and Action Pistol(USPSA-lite))

The Interlake Action Shooters put on a monthly action pistol match. It alternates on a month to month basis between Action Pistol(USPSA) and IDPA  Both matches in our program are designed to be beginner friendly.  This match runs on the first Saturday of every month. Check the calendar for match type!

How to get started in Action Pistol.

For a brand new shooter that has never participated in any action pistol sports we encourage you to come. We will squad you with a seasoned shooter who will guide you through the day.

From there, come to our Action Pistol Match on the alternate first Saturday and experience more complex stage design and stages that require more detailed planning. Come for the learning stay for the fun.

For new shooters coming to either Action Pistol or IDPA please show up at 9AM.  We will have a brief new shooter orientation and we will run new shooters through a short two target course of fire / Safe Handling Exam.  

Our events are open to the public. Membership at our club or IDPA is not required but highly encouraged. Come try it before you buy it.


On the second Saturday of each month Interlake Action Shooters runs a 22 Precision Rifle Series Match that is modeled after NRL22. We shoot steel and paper targets with the smallest target being 1/4". People run 22LR exclusively in rifles capable of sub MOA accuracy at 100 yards with scopes with max magnification exceeding 30. Iron sights will not work for this game.  -

Featuring IDPA/ActionPistol and NRL22 events

Action Pistol or IDPA on the first Saturday of every month.
ISA22PRL match on the second Saturday of every month

Match Results

Match Results are available at (direct link to ISA)

"Interlake Sporting Association" is a 501(c)7 non-profit organization located in Redmond, Washington.

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