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The Interlake Action Shooters Activity groups runs a range of action shooting matches design to build safe, fast, and accurate shooters. Our program includes pistol matches (ASI and IDPA), 3-Gun (rifle, pistol, and shotgun), revolver (ICORE) and milserp events.  All our matches in our program are designed to be beginner friendly. 


All match registrations are completed online on our Parctice Score Page

  • Monthly Match (First Saturday): This event runs year round between 9am and around 2pm.  Check the calendar for match type!
  • Tuesday Night Practice League (TNPL): Runs. most Tuesday evenings during the Spring, Summer, and Fall and centers around drills to build your action shooting skills. 
  • Wednesday Night Match: Rust every other Wednesday adorn the Spring, Summer, and Fall and provides 2 four stage match between 6pm and end of shooting.

How to get started in Action Pistol.

For a brand new shooter that has never participated in any action pistol sports we encourage you to come. We will squad you with a seasoned shooter who will guide you through the day

For new shooters coming please show up at 9AM.  We will have a brief new shooter orientation and we will run new shooters through a short two target course of fire / Safe Handling Exam.  

Our events are open to the public. Membership at our club or IDPA is not required but highly encouraged. Come try it before you buy it.


  • Pistol or Pistol Caliber Carbine & either holster or bag/box (any conventional pistol caliber welcome)
  • 3 mags & mag carriers(using pockets is ok but not recommended)
  • PPE(eye and ear protection)
  • **As a safety note, we do not permit Serpa and Uncle Mike's holsters or their clones**

Dress for the weather, this is an outdoor range and we shoot the match rain or shine. If you bring along friends or family (they are welcome) make sure that they have eye and ear protection.

Action Pistol or IDPA on the first Saturday of every month.

Match Results

Match Results are available at (direct link to ISA)

"Interlake Sporting Association" is a 501(c)7 non-profit organization located in Redmond, Washington.

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